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We build the next great companies of the future by fueling capital, experience and global reach to boost sustainable growth in disruptive technology start-ups.

Connecting innovation from Spain & Portugal to LatAm & USA (Boston & Silicon Valley hubs).


Investments in capital-efficient technologies with a proven team, product and market fit.


Partners with wide operational experience to reduce risks and work hand in hand with the founders.

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Leverage our world-class business network for talent acquisition, lead generation and follow-on rounds.



We are specialized in software investments, usually leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, with scalable and defensible business models.

We essentially lower the risk in three key areas: team, technology and market fit to explore how we can super-charge your start-up.

Protecting systems, networks and corporate programs against digital attacks.


Digital platforms for buyers and sellers to transact on products and services, as well as associated payment methods.

Digital marketplaces and payments

Improving and automating the delivery and use of financial services.


WAN or LAN wireless or wired communication devices and protocols, such as 5G, 6G or WiFi. Cloud and edge computing.

Communication networks and computing

SaaS (Software as a Service) business models with enterprise applications (B2B).

Enterprise software


We are technology entrepreneurs with a driving passion: working very hard with talented founders to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses

Comprehensive fraud and financial crime protection for trusted banking transactions.

#cibersecurity, #fintech, #AI

Accept payments globally and receive money in your local currency. Connect different payment methods in each country under a single integration.

#payments, #LatAm

Uncover all the possibilities to manage your money from a single app: bank account, send and receive money, cryptocurrencies.

#fintech, #crypto, #B2C

Remote workspaces for coding, creating and managing digital content from anywhere, anytime.

#enterprisesoftware, #cloudcomputing

Maximize the user experience and multiply the value of your Wi-Fi service with intelligent, self-optimized networks integrated in the cloud.

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Buy more than 2,000 cryptos with the lowest fees on our Exchange.

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Automate your processes and offer the best purchasing experience to your customer with our advanced software for logistics and delivery management and control.

#enterprisesoftware, #lastmiledelivery

Automate corporate data privacy and security on a single platform for continuous compliance and protection against data leaks.

#enterprisesoftware, #cybersecurity, #datamanagement

A new type of collaboration and connection for remote, hybrid and distributed teams in large corporations who want to meet in person with colleagues and clients.

#enterprisesoftware, #traveltech

Offset your carbon footprint in an easy, transparent and measurable way, thanks to our marketplace and our unique blockchain technology.

#digitalmarketplace, #blockchain, #sustainability

Driving the next generation of information based on Earth observation.

#enterprisesoftware, #earthobservation, #space, #AI

Access flexible capital, improve your e-commerce cash flows and automate payments to your suppliers on a single platform.

#fintech, #ecommerce, #LatAm

Transform information in medical records (EMR) into deep real-world evidence (RWE) with a scientific methodology that applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) to free text.

#enterprisesoftware, #digitalhealth, #AI

Change the lives of your employees. With Payflow they will be able to get paid whenever they want and have flexible remuneration from a single mobile application.

#enterprisesoftware, #fintech, #LatAm

Automated cyber threat intelligence platform. Defend your company from the outside accessing to the same information cybercriminals have about it.

#enterprisesoftware, #cibersecurity, #AI

Artificial Intelligence backed by psychology that helps people leaders measure and manage cultural impact to improve team productivity.

#enterprisesoftware, #AI, #HR


Our partners possess a wide entrepreneurial experience in technology, marketing, sales, management and finance


A network of world-class experts with proven success to support you on your way to the top


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